Restorative Family Dentist-Manchester-NH-Dr. Joseph Sheehan
Restorative Family Dentist-Manchester-NH

Restorative Family Dentist-Manchester-NH

Doctor Sheehan and his experienced staff are here to restore your smile.
When genetics, accidents, or insufficient preventive care cause dental challenges, Dr. Sheehan, a Restorative Family Dentist-Manchester-NH, and his experienced staff are here to restore your smile and your overall oral health. And with our Biolase Waterlase™ dental laser, we’re able to perform many restorative procedures with no needles and no drills. The new digital imaging system from CEREC makes it possible for Dr. Sheehan to take optical impressions for crowns, For the patient this means no more biting into gooey substances and waiting while they harden.

Many of Dr. Sheehan’s patients consider him an artist when it comes to restorative dentistry. His passion for the dental arts began more than 40 years ago, when he worked after high school for his family dentist, who recognized Joe’s talent and taught him to make crowns and bridges. Dr. Sheehan’s valued reputation in restorative dentistry lead to both the New Hampshire Fisher Cats and Manchester Monarchs placing their players’ dental health in his care.

Our full range of restorative services include:

  • – Dental crowns
  • – Root canals
  • – Fixed bridges
  • – Dentures
  • – Gum disease treatment and correction


Enjoy state-of-the-art dental care free from the discomfort of needles and drills.

Dr. Sheehan was one of the first dentists in New Hampshire to use the Biolase Waterlase™ dental laser. BIOLASE is revolutionizing dentistry with laser technology. With the Waterlase, most restorative procedures can be carried out without the need for needles and drills. The Waterlase uses laser-energized water to remove decayed areas from a tooth without the uncomfortable heat or vibration caused by drills.

Since 2004, Dr. Sheehan has performed thousands of procedures painlessly for his grateful patients. And since Dr. Sheehan can perform most* procedures with the Waterlase, there’s no reason to experience the discomfort that can be caused by needles, Novocaine, and drills.


Dental crowns are completed in just one visit to our practice.
Dr. Sheehan uses the latest technology by CEREC to provide his patients with same day crowns. Rather than making multiple trips for impressions, fittings and adjustments, with the digital imaging technology of CEREC equipment we can, in most cases, create crowns in one day that are sculpted to suit your smile and teeth structure with a long-lasting and attractive porcelain crown.

Crowns, a cap that covers a natural tooth, are often recommended to protect a weak tooth from breaking, to restore a broken tooth or to hold a dental bridge in place. Crowns can also cover a dental implant or simply cover a misshapen or severely discolored tooth. No matter what your reason, you can be certain that Dr. Sheehan and our team of professionals have a reputation for creating crowns that blend in naturally.


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